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KMPL* (Kanishka Management of Productive Learning)  is the separate entity as training, research and educational wing of Kanishka Marketing P. Ltd. So, KMPL can be considered as a sister concern of Kanishka Marketing Pvt. Limited. KMPL is totally dedicated for corporate training, workshop, research & mass education. For the last several years this wing has been organizing programs and has achieved significant position in various economic segments in Nepal and its either countries. KMPL is poised to extend such activities in the South Asian Region and has joined hands with MRST foundation of India and with JT Frank Academy of Malaysia to perform international educational activities. Experience and expertise of KMPL would substantially contribute to the creation of a new celebration in the field of excellence among people of various businesses. KMPL is also planning to enhance the relationships with international organizations to establish a new concept college / academy in Nepal and also looking forward to have constituent unit of XLRI of Jamshedpur, India in near future.


Corporate Training

Training on sales & marketing and many other topics related to HRM and Human Behavioral Science with scientific methods.



Workshop on special topic by national or international renowned resource person(s) on participative basis.



Research work is mainly concentrated for organizations, who want to get their products and market survey done as marketing research, pre/post product launching survey, product viability and mass opinions about the company/product/services. All such activities are done by the professionals or by the high level management students.  


Seminar and Events

Educational seminars are also conducted for individual organization, particular society and targeted group and also for the localized mass or people anywhere in the covered hall, in the star hotel or even in the open field depending upon the needs.


Psychological test

This mind mapping test is conducted to get the best output of his/her working capability and suitability from the employee for the employers/organizations


Organizational employees /intermediaries development

Training / induction for the group of employees of any organization on specific problem or topic (personal or with management) or related to any specific brand product/services.Total quality management (TQM)Training for the employees to establish overall quality management as per the international standard (ISO).



Proposed Regular Topics: Communication, Motivation, Crisis Management, Handling Customer, Customer Care, Consumer Satisfaction & Motivation, Stress Management, In-house conflict, Discipline & co-ordination,Personality development, Leadership, Team-work, Plan & Control, Human Behavioral Science, Marketing & Sales Management, Health care & health awareness, Pharmaceuticals related (Anatomy & Physiology). And many more……..

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