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Digital printing is the most favorite tools for your day to day life. We can't think of our life easy without digital print these days. It's setup cost is economical than offset print and hence you get low price. This work is done digitally, so this can be done at any quantity at point of time. This is called today's technology. We give you printing services as well as we supply such materials that you can fabricate and print yourself for your marketing.There are different printing machines for different works. So you can get your job done at any time with less effort. For your information photocopy machine is also a digital machine.

We perform following work with following machines. These are : 

1. Flex printing machine                                                              2. Laser light print machine           

                                        Image result for Laser light print machine            

3. Inkjet printer                                                                               4. Sublimation Printer
Image result for 3. Inkjet printer                                                                

5. Laser printer                                                                            6. Silk Screen Printer

Image result for laser printer                                                     Image result for 6. Silk screen printer  

      7. Photocopy machine                                                   8. Badge Printer & binder

            Image result for 7. Photocopy machine                                                                                        Image result for Badge printer                

. Id Card Printer                                                                          10. Heat Printer

11. Hand Printing   

Image result for hand printing Hastakala

                                We have following items to you now, that can be purchased from us and can be printed by you :

                           1. Printable Mugs




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